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When I started VuLingo (view-lingo), it was a place for me to keep my videos and other visual learning tools for my ESL students. Within a short time, it became a place for ESL teachers too! Professional development needs to continue after your TEFL / TESOL programs! Independent language teachers are often left to figure things our for themselves. My solution? Get together and share all our hard-earned wisdom! 

Do you need more confidence in your grammar skills?

Are you trying to manage all the unpaid administrative tasks like syllabus planning, lesson planning, invoicing, etc?

Do you want to learn how to add more value to your lessons so you can increase your rates?

Then VuLingo has something for you! Stick around, visit the blog, download some resources and happy teaching! - Jen





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Lesson Plans

 B1: "Shopping for Clothes" Lesson

B1: "Shopping for Clothes" Lesson

 A2: "Packing for a Holiday" Lesson

A2: "Packing for a Holiday" Lesson

 A2: Future Simple with "Will vs. Going To"

A2: Future Simple with "Will vs. Going To"

 A1: "Clothes" Lesson

A1: "Clothes" Lesson



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