Teacher, have you met Trello?

You know those once in a blue moon discoveries that have changed your life?

Like the first time you tasted a Nutella crepe? (America you're missing out....)

Or when you bounced around from major to major until you finally found your tribe in the underwater basket weaving faculty? 

Or when you discovered that the dingy liquor store down the street that you'd always avoided actually had an EPIC selection of Ben & Jerry's flavors and really friendly proprietor?

Those discoveries are gold

Teacher Meet Trello.001.jpeg

That's what TRELLO is for ESL / EFL teachers.

It's the HOLY-MOLY-HOW-HAVE-I- LIVED-WITHOUT-THIS? life hack you've been looking for. 

Need I go over the reasons we need an easy to use FREE online management system to get our businesses together?

Okay then:

  • We are not paid for administrative hours
  • We are not paid for lesson planning
  • We're responsible for planning entire syllabi for our students, with little support from our schools
  • When we teach privately, we're the boss, and we need a plan
  • We teach dozens of students a month, each requiring something different 
  • We have back to back lessons at all levels, from A1 to C2 to B1 and we don't have time to scour textbooks for level-appropriate lessons on our lunch breaks
  • Because Sunday nights are not supposed to be working hours

I'm not going to waste any more your time, because I know you don't have any! That's because you should be lesson planning right now! (And because you're not using TRELLO yet....) Check out how I use TRELLO to run my ESL business.

How to use Trello for TEFL.001.jpeg