How to teach English online

Let's be honest, we express ourselves online constantly. We live-tweet March Madness. We Insta-story our workouts and boomerang squat thrusts. We FaceTime with Grandma every Sunday. (What, you don't? She misses you!)

We also teach dozens, if not hundreds of English students a month. 

But combining the two? Teaching Suddenly, we TURN INTO Grandma: 

"oh goodness me, how do I turn on the camera? Can they see me? Can they hear me? Is this thing on?" [slams laptop shut in terror.]

I know, I've been there.

Online Teacher Summit 2018.004.jpeg

My online journey...

In 2015, I had 15 minutes to prepare to sub for my first online lesson, and I was totally freaked out. I had already been teaching for 3 years and I felt very comfortable in front of any class, large or small. But teaching English online? How does that even work?

How do I show my students their mistakes if I don't have a wipe-off board? How do distribute worksheets or play games? What if the tech fails? If I can't jump up and down in the classroom, how will my student guess that I'm miming "running with the bulls"?? (My lessons tend towards the theatrical.) 

So I opened Skype, pressed "Call" and jumped in.

One year later, I was teaching 100% online, to students all over the world. I traveled to Italy for 4 months, Germany for 4 months, and then back to Prague for 4 months, teaching full time in pajama pants (and a button-down blouse, of course) with a small dog on my lap.

Online teaching takes many forms

Do you want to go full Digital Nomad and test the wifi on the beaches of Costa Rica? Maybe you're simply looking to carve out your early morning teaching hours and teach from home (I highly recommend). Maybe you want to minimize your unpaid commuting time by teaching your current students online every other week (my students loooove the convenience of Skyping on their lunch hour). 

Here are only some of the reasons I love teaching online:

  • less unpaid commuting time
  • no more racing around town from school to school or office to office
  • no teaching in crowded coffee shops
  • more convenient for me (and my student - they're even busier than I am!)
  • easy to access and reuse digital resources
  • work from (almost) anywhere
  • teaching students all over the world means the ability to charge accordingly (and often more than the students in my country can afford to pay)
  • I developed the skills to break into online course creation (hello VuLingo!)

If you're interested in dipping your toes into the world of online language teaching, then I'm super excited to invite you to the 2018 Online Teacher Summit. 

What will you learn?

They've really put together an all-star cast this year—these teachers have been making a great living teaching English online for years. You'll learn about:

  • How to find students as an online teacher
  • Tools and systems online teachers use to work less
  • Creating and selling online courses
  • Smart online teaching formats to help teachers move beyond 1:1 lessons 
  • How to find and create perfect materials for your students
  • Creating an online presence 101: How to not feel frustrated coming up with new ideas
  • Creating an effective facebook page to find new students
  • How to automate student management & increase your profits—Hey, that's my presentation! ;)

Yep, I'm super excited to be a presenter this year, and I'd love to hear from you before my live session. What do you want to know about online teaching? What's holding you back from taking the leap? Tell me in the comments section so I can answer your questions in my live chat during the summit.

Online Teacher Summit 2018.001.jpeg

The Logistics

Here's the deal: once you register for the Online Teacher Summit (for FREE!), you get access to all discovery sessionsnetworking sessions and live sessions from April 2 until April 7.

The free sessions are going to be super informative. But if you're interested in more advanced sessions and tutorials, the PREMIUM PASS will get you that, plus lifetime access to all the videos (even after the summit), plus all the downloadable audio files. The PREMIUM PASS costs $47 before April 2 @11pm CST, $67 before April 7 @11pm, $87 after April 7 @11pm CST.

Last year's summit had soooo much valuable info for online teachers. If you're an experienced online teacher looking to grow your business, or even if you've never used Skype, there will be something for you. I'd hate for you to miss out!