Welcome to your bonus of bonuses!

Here are two videos that are part of my TRELLO for TEFL system.

These are quick and easy bonuses that add enormous value my students' lessons, enabling me to sell my packages at a higher price. Remember, one hour a week with a teacher is not enough to learn a language. How are you standing out from the teaching crowd?

These tools will help you offer that essential out-of-class learning that will make your life easier,  benefit your students immensely, and have them singing your praises.

Bonus #1 Pre-made Digital Study Cards

1:10 — Demo of Quizlet cards

2:40 — How to set up Quizlet with Trello for TEFL so you can easily send them to your students in a few clicks.

4:15 — How to search public sets and make copies of decks for your own students

6:14 — How to make your own deck of cards

Bonus #2: Quick & Easy Videos with Loom

1:40 — Creating a quick grammar tutorial for your students

3:03 — Signing up for LOOM

3:12 — How to create a video

3:34 — How to attach your video to TRELLO for TEFL or send to your student

But don't stop there!

Everything you've learned in this workshop comes together in a seamless package that's going to take your teaching (and your student's language learning!) to the next level.

Only with Trello for TEFL can you add more while doing less. Only when you take action to separate yourself from the crowd will you become more profitable by giving more value.

Do yourself favor and invest in your teaching business. You're worth it. Your students will thank you. Happy teaching!