Grammar Perfect Boot Camp

Watch it, learn it, teach it

Grammar Perfect Boot Camp is the Ultimate Grammar guide for English Teachers. We teach all the grammar you need to pass your TEFL course, to 

How hard could it be to teach English, I've been speaking it for years!

As a native English speaker you’ve been honing your English language skills since birth. You shouldn’t have a problem teaching English, right?


Well, consider this question: “How hard could it be to repair a car? I’ve been driving cars for years!”


Get my point?


Imagine sitting across from your English as a Foreign Language (EFL) student, his grammar mistakes pinging your finely tuned ears. You gently offer corrections, instructing him on the proper way native speakers express themselves in English, then lean back and sip your espresso, satisfied you’ve done your job.


And then your student asks, “But WHY do you say it that way?”


“Because we just do” is not the answer your student has hired you to give.


Maybe you’ve just started your Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course, and as you browse the course schedule, you realize they’ve only devoted a few hours in the entire 4-week program to teaching you grammar. How do they expect you to pass that grammar test at the end of the course?


What if you could feel confident the moment you walked into your first teaching job, knowing that you knew your subject matter backwards and forwards?

What if you didn't have to spend your time scouring the internet through random (questionable) sources to learn what you needed to teach five minutes before you had to teach it?

What if you had an easy, one-stop shop for all your grammar questions, that gave you lifetime access?

You'd be one helluva happy English teacher, that's what.

The Grammar Perfect Boot Camp Course includes:

  • 30+ video lessons explaining the structure, function and common usage of each grammar point. Each video is only 4-10 minutes long, so it's easy to go back and review when you're lesson planning or right before you teach.
  • 30+ short quizzes that test what you've learned in each lesson, so you feel confident moving forward
  • 150+ digital flashcards to review before your big TEFL grammar exam
  • 60-page illustrated reference guide ebook to have in your pocket when you're on the go or when you just need to reference something in between classes.
  • app available on iOS tablets and phones

"Testimonials: I love this course!"

"I love this course too!"

You want the real truth? I was the TEFL student who missed out on the late night beers, the accordion serenades along the moonlit river, the sun rising over my newly adopted foreign city. While my classmates were taking in the sights and smells, I was cramming for my grammar exam. And I aced it! (Nerd.)

48 hours later, a class full of teenagers hammered me with so many grammar questions I had no idea how to answer, I felt like a complete hack. I spent the next several weeks scouring random sources on the internet trying to get a grip on the mechanics of my own native language well enough to teach it. I won’t let this happen to you!

I want to give you the tools I didn’t have, and I want to make it so easy, because, hey if you’re not going to drink that beer, pass it over here.