Thanks to everyone who attended the Online Teacher Summit!

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If there's one thing I want you to take away, it's that you will be a MORE VALUABLE teacher (and can charge accordingly) if you can answer this question:

In my presentation, I talked about how I onboard my students in a very specific, professional way to create a perfectly tailored course package for them. This onboarding system makes a huge difference in the value of your lessons (and how much a student will be willing to pay you).

As promised, I've got the Intake Form and Placement Test ready for you to copy and send to your own students. But I want to share the entire step-by-step process I use to onboard new students, automate my lessons and minimize unpaid teacher tasks in my teaching business. That's why I've created the HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY TEACHING ENGLISH course! (And it's free!!) Here's what you'll get:

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  • the Intake Form
  • the Placement Test
  • the exact method I use to create a package, perfectly tailored to my individual private student
  • the Contract template I use to create a package offer (and be sure I never get stiffed for cancelled lessons)
  • how to find your teaching niche (+ dozens of ideas for niches & add-ons)
  • how I charge more than my competitors, not less
  • how I organize my teaching business for maximum profitability 

Plus you'll get a whole bonus section on:

  • how to create and automate videos, audio, and interactive "bonuses" for your students that you can use again and again
  • how to "flip" your lessons (and why that's better for the student & teacher)
  • how I plug everything into an automated system that saves me tons of time, even as I give my students more value

Remember, how you onboard your private students and manage their curriculum has a huge (read: $$$) impact on how much your students will value you as a teacher. Are you an English-speaking friend, chit-chatting over iced teas? Or are you an English-speaking professional with a plan to get your student to their goals? You might be both, but which do you think your students are willing to pay more?

Join the course, and I'll help you elevate your private teaching to create a sustainable business.

Happy teaching!