Hi, I’m Jennifer. I’ve been an English teacher for many years and I’ve taught hundreds and hundreds of students.

But one hour a week with my students was not enough. I wanted to give them more. So I created these videos to help them in their own time: in between meetings; on the bus on the way home and when they wake up in the morning.

Each video will show you the structure of the word phrase or part of speech so you’ll know exactly how to use it. That’s not right…much better.

Each video will show you the level of English even if you’re an advanced student, it’s worth watching all the videos to remind you of things you may have forgotten.

Each video will show you why you will use this structure or phrase. It might be to express an idea…or an opinion. It might be to express probability or uncertainty. Or it might be to express your emotions.

Each video will also show you the situation where the expression is commonly used. Some are used when telling a joke. Some are used when giving presentations and speaking about facts and figures. Some are used when giving and understanding directions.

But I can’t do all the work. The next part is your turn. There are three steps you should take:

First watch the videos on your pc, tablet or smartphone. Then watch them again. Each video is only about five minutes long so you’ll have plenty of time. 

Second use the phrase in writing. Write it in an email, post it on facebook or send it in a message to your friend. 

Third remember the situation for each phrase and choose one where you plan to use it. Then use the phrase and amaze your audience

Now it’s your turn. What questions do you have about English? Leave your question in the comments below or email me at