A story about my star student & why you must learn vocabulary now!

I once had a student named Marketa. Her energy and passion for learning English were incredible. If she couldn't find the right word, she'd say 27 other words to describe exactly what she meant.

"What's your secret?" I asked her one afternoon over coffee. After she told me her story, I realized just how important English was for traveling.

The year before, Marketa and her husband and two sons had gone on a cruise. They only spoke Czech, but their travel agent assured them that there would be a Czech-speaking translator on the ship. She found outin the most horrible way that this was not true.

At one point during the voyage, her son became ill. He started having problems breathing. She took him to the doctor and quickly realized that the doctor didn't speak Czech, AND there was no translator on board! She tried to explain the problem to the doctor, but he only spoke English! Just imagine how stressful that situation was for a mother! Thankfully, her son was fine and they made it back to the Czech republic safely. Marketa quickly enrolled in English classes, and by the time I became one of her teachers, she was my star student.

Please don't wait for a situation like this! Make every trip more enjoyable by learning to communicate in English. I've met people in India, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany and many other countries, and we all communicated in English. Get access to these free vocabulary and expression cards so you'll never be tongue-tied again!