Are you addicted to travel, too? 

Do you love meeting interesting people, experiencing new cultures and tasting exotic food? Do you want to communicate with the world? Then you're in the right place! I want to teach you English so we can share our experiences.

I created vuLingo English as a place to teach English while discussing my favorite topics. Won't you join me on the adventure?

A little about me...

I'm originally from the sunny beaches of California. I've lived in the US, Japan, Italy, Germany and I'm happy to call Prague, Czech Republic my home. I speak a little Japanese (Konichiwa!), a little French (Bon jour!) and I'm trying very hard to learn Czech (Ahoj!). While I think it's important to learn the native languages of the world, I know that English is the connector that helps all of us come together. From farms in India to towers in Tokyo to villages in the Czech countryside, I've met the most wonderful people, and we all connected by speaking English. I've taught English to students all over the world in person and online, and I'd love to teach you. So what are you waiting for?

Bests & Mosts...

SCARIEST TRAVEL MOMENT: Meeting a sharkin the South China Sea while I was snorkeling.

FRESHEST MEAL: I ate a live shrimp at the Tokyo Fish Market!

BEST DRINK: Czech Beer, especially Matuška IPA

BEST MEAL: Indian thali in Udaipur

HOTTEST DAY OF MY LIFE: Visiting the temples at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

LONGEST RUN: 42.195 kilometers from Marathon to Athens, Greece

BEST BIKE RIDE: Through the valley of Valdobbiadene, Italy

Tell me about yourself! Where do you live?
Where is your favorite place to travel?
Tell me everything!